Why Content Writing is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


Don’t know how to consume the right content? Or want to learn content writing?

Want to learn the tactics of capturing good content?

Do you want to know the evolution of content?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will be talking about content, content, and content. Yes, you read it right. I will give you a deep dive into the topic of content writing. And will also be sharing an amazing mind map with you which I made especially for you. Your blog reflects your thinking and by the end of this article, I am sure your roots will grow deep inside the topic content writing after reading this article.

This blog post is the answer for people who are struggling with content writing, people who want to learn content writing, and don’t know where to start or how to start. For entrepreneurs who want to advertise their business through content.

So let’s start,

How to consume content?

Before writing any content you should consume enough content to write down your thoughts isn’t it right? What if you start writing content and you don’t know what to write and how to write? The answer to this question is that you should consume content correctly. Do not consume content from temporary resources that don’t fit your long term goals. Temporary resources i.e I mean by saying for example, what is the use of consuming news from the news channels where every day there is some or the other temporary content which keeps on changing and does not help us in our long-term goals right? Always ask if the content is going to be useful 10 years from now.

Instead, you can read books, read blogs, consume good content, listen to podcasts, etc. Books are always long term resources. When you consume all of these good content you enter into the zone of the evolution of content.

Evolution of content

As I said before after consumption of good content you enter in this zone. Now you are ready to at least think about good content. I am not saying once of all read all good things and enter in this zone. You always need to be in this zone, which means you continuously need to consume content only then your thought process will be able to create content. Imagine a blank mind with no ideas, no content, no thoughts, how will you write content then? So you need to be in this process forever. My mentor always says,

“Good content starts with Thoughts, and Thoughts come from reading.”

And where do new thoughts come from? New thoughts arise from conversations. Great conversations lead to great thoughts. The conversations which you make with people keep running around your head, right? So you need to have good conversations with people. Understand what they want and you will know in which direction you need to think. Through conversations, you can make your notes. And guess what notes result in great content! Yes, you read it right. This process is the cycle that is never-ending for those who want to create content and become a great content writer. Your notes can always become your blog posts and your idea of the content. Moving further you can make videos on your blog posts. What else you want when you can create videos from your content. You will be the master of content. Small improvements every day will improve your content writing day by day. It is a slow process. Be patient and consistent you will definitely get results.

How to write content?

As mentioned before start reading content. This is the most primary thing to write content. And start writing your own blog. Do not be afraid of criticism of people that they won’t like your blog. Every successful content writer was a beginner once. Once you start writing you will automatically get into the thought process. Write as if you are talking to your friend and then you will find it much easier. Your blog will evolve over time after you being consistent in your work. Write at least two blogs a month for start and then further you can increase it up to one blog per week and so on. Your blog should be a collection of all your unique ideas. Your blog should be the collection of your thoughts which you want to let people know and learn from you.

You should always mature your raw ideas into content. You cannot just write after reading a particular content. You need to imbibe it in yourself, learn it, experience it, and then share your experience with the world with a unique angle of twist. Do not capture everything, always capture things that inspire you and make you think. Always take feedback and ask where you can improve your content and what people would like to hear from you. Your blog reflects your thinking. Do not produce temporarily satisfying content. Think long term. Do not consume junk information. The information which you consume leads your thought process and which reflects your blog. Your blog should be subtle and useful.



Note-taking means capturing good content. You can take notes of the blog posts or books you read, the podcasts you listen to, the surveys you take, the videos you watch. Always take notes. Take a pen and paper and start taking notes. But there is always a possibility to lose the pages you write on. You can always take online notes which will be there with you anytime. There are plenty of online tools available for taking notes. I will list down some of the tools which are my personal favorite and I can access them anywhere. I will also provide the links for you below which are helpful in taking notes with amazing features.

  1. Evernote
  2. Liner
  3. Instapaper
  4. Google Docs
  5. Google Keep
  6. Kindle
  7. Readwise

Choosing a particular niche

You should always go niche and write content on your niche. No one wants to hear from a person who knows everything and has an opinion about everything. Ask what people want. Take enough surveys to understand market needs. After understanding the market needs discover them. Choose a category and become a leader in that category. Always start with a small niche and then later you can expand your category into more categories. Your success and wealth always depend on the niche you select. Choose a niche that attracts people and brings them to you. You can also choose to learn new skills, practice them, and tell it to the world through your content with a unique angle. Only when you have worked on a particular skill you can explain it to others. So always implement first and then write about it or create a product about it. Freelancing is the best way for the implementation of your skills. If you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want. Find out top blogs and books from your niche and then u will understand the market needs. To make things simpler for you I have some tools for niche selection for you. Yes, now it will be simple to choose your niche with a little research with these tools. Below are some niche selection tools which will make your life easy.

  1. Google Auto Suggest
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMRush
  4. Blogging Channels – Quora, Medium
  5. YouTube Channels
  6. Kindle
  7. Google Trends
  8. Facebook and Google Ads of your competitors
  9. Education Marketplaces

If you want to read about Social Media you can check out this blog here.

Creativity and Originality

Now we will talk about creativity and originality of content. Contents are of two types Fiction and Non-Fiction. Fiction content cover stories and novels. In this article, I am talking completely about Non- Fiction content. Fiction content is temporary and Non-Fiction is permanent. Fiction contents may be sensational and spicy but they are temporary and many times not real. Non-Fiction content is useful even after ages and is always healthy as it is based on facts and experience. When it comes to non-fiction, writing needs not to be creative. Writing should be informative, inspiring, and can be motivational. Always write your unique ideas i.e be original and do not copy others. At the start maybe you would take references but it’s okay to take references and learn something new and write about it. Do NOT copy paste and get into plagiarism. Create your original content with your experiences and learning. When you yourself learn and implement the learnings your understanding is on a different level and you can explain it to other people in a better way. Create quality content for a better presence in the market.

Building your Personal Brand with the help of Content Writing

Build your blog. Be consistent to build your personal brand. People want to get inspired by a story. Tell your story to inspire and motivate others so they feel like they want to become like you. Become unique in your niche. Have a strong online presence. Build your community. Publish a book and get recognized. Guest post on famous publications and blogs or websites, magazines, etc. Do not forget teaching, it always leads to organizing your thought process and also learn from others. Interview other people, get interviewed, and spread your brand. Record your podcasts, an audiobook. Host some of the events, talk live. Give live webinars, understand your customers’ live what they want. To understand your customers you need to interact with them to know their wants and fulfill their needs. For this, you need to have good communication skills, try to communicate with your audience, and make them feel comfortable. Build trust among people. The future of marketing is personal branding. You can always advertise your content instead of your products. Content is the most important part of marketing.

Content Marketing


As we spoke so much about content writing, now let’s talk about a little bit about content marketing. Content marketing is advertising your content. Advertising needs attention, and you already have attention when you have your personal blog with your personal brand. You just need to advertise your unique voice through content marketing. Today every brand can become a publisher. You don’t need to go to any publications to advertise your brand. You already have your content to advertise your brand. When you have great content there is no need for advertising. People already know your content. They will trust you easily, as you built your trust by providing quality content to them. You can create sales for your content and products easily when you have quality and quantity. And with these sales can make amazing profits. Sounds good right? You can always repurpose your content on different channels for marketing purposes, and people will recognize you.

And of course, you can do freelance content writing. When you have your blog or website it becomes your resume or portfolio for you to show off your writing skills and get customers. You will be able to work easily while freelancing. You can write for others and make money. Isn’t it awesome getting paid for just writing?

In case you want to learn more about Content Marketing you can read this article of Digital Deepak here.

As promised I am sharing the mind map of content writing with you all so that you can keep it handy all the time.

I am sure by now you must have decided to start writing content and get into this amazing world of content writing. Just remember always keep learning and experimenting which leads you towards thinking. And thoughts lead you towards writing. I would appreciate your feedback on my post and also wait for your content which I want you to share with me through emails. Thank you for being such a patient reader.

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